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Finally, I decide to blog. And this time its going to be a long one. Hopefully. I am on a Windows 98 machine, with a keyb that dates back atleast 4-5 years and so all that I can hear is a sqweaking sound everytime I click in.

All this is to explain the disclaimer. 😀 I am in no way responsible for all the info/comments that u are going to read in next … I dont know, its going to be long, article.. blah blah blah.

 So, I had my interview at 11 and so went there at arnd 10, Okay, Agreed I dint go there, dad forced me there. So, I go in early, get into the line first awesome ! Then, they take some documents, this that.. and fine. Now, I am 2nd in the line and feeling really good that I came in early..

Enter some old lady. Starts shouting at all the workers, says ‘I cant manage so many people, I am going nuts!’ and looks at me and asks me, ‘Whens urs?’ and I am like ’11:00 maam’.. 11 ? U still have lotsa time, come with me.. blah blah blah and makes me stand at the end of the queue. And this happens like 2-3 times. Well probably I shud write this as a story! I am getting impatient at this moment and get all sort of wierd ideas. Just wanted to check what wud have happened if I had told the VO that I am going to US for a MS and then a job ! Indeed, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Thank God! The devil workshop dint last long, I found company and started talking..

2-3-4 hrs later.. i dint hav a watch with me.. so dont rmr. Skipping me having coffee thrice, talking to a really cute girl (who has 16.5 crores in assets.. I’ve her mail id 😛 ), this that.. I finally select a VO that looks liberal.. Thanks to rahul for the tips on how to get the VO we want.. worked perfect. Go, and then this is what happens.

me : (Grinning.. Oh I forgot to mention the ‘pep talk’ by Mark. Everyone going to the chennai consulate would know.. and I got to hear it twice. )

 Good afternoon sir !

VO : Good afternoon.. how are u doing… blah blah.

*I passed him the folder, he looks at my i-20 and says

VO : No aid?

me : No sir. My parents are sponsoring my education !

VO : Oh.. Wht do ur parents do?
me : Both r docs sir !

VO : Congrats, U can rot in California.

HHee.he.. I made up the last line.. he said somehting really formal.. have fun or something.. I dont rmr.. as soon as I saw him smile.. I cud clearly see California in front of my eyes.

 Now Mark is the president of the consular services or somehting.. He says its a prep talk, but its more like a brainwash to make the ppl throw away any false documents they have and this that.. Its very funny ! Second time, naah.. I felt like shouting out the jokes he said.. He says the same set again and again..

So, that and my good friend, an MBA student frm Washington St. Louis, who helped me choose the right VO and tlaked to me throughout the visa interview would remain etched in my mind forever… blah blah blah..  I Knw 😛

Chalo.. me done blogging. So this shud silence ppl who have of late been complaining that I dont blog much these days!

California.. Get ready for me. I am going to paint u red


2 Responses

  1. long post long post anukunta inta chinna post rashnav? are you still in india? win98 machine ekkada dorikindi? did u go to a museum? m$ support kuda aapesindi daaniki…

  2. HEy.. still in India. Will be leaving on Sep 2. Win-98 machine aa.. maa cousin intlo undi, adi kuda some 4 yrs old alaa.. cant help it !

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