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Orkut Fortune

Today’s fortune:
If your desires are not extravagant they will be granted

After repeated comments that I dont blog as I shud, after tons of promises that I wud start blogging once I am at California, I finally find something worth talking about.

Now, whats the key word in the whole fortune of mine? Desire, Extravagant or is it granted? 😀

How would you define a desire as, what is a desire? Desire I would say is all the things that we want to happen, really really badly. So, its basically that each and every desire is worth a lot of effort.. patience.. *beep* Now,  whats with the extravagant part of the whole fortune, how do we know if something is extravagant or not? For someone, an MBA at Stanford might sound like an extravagant desire while for some it wudnt. So, how and who gets to decide it? Well if the desire involves more people.. more the *beep* Well do I have to feel that its extravagant becos it dint happen? Hmm.. probably thats what I am supposed to do even though I know very very well that its not that big a deal.

So, whats the point? Well the point is .. Is a dinner an extravagant thing?  I dont know !


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