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These 3 letters seemed to have played a really significant role my whole life. Think .. Think .. Think.. that being the operative word. As Maverick puts it in Top Gun, if you think, you are dead. U really dont have time to think in a fighter plane.. Most of the biggest decisions of my life have been on the spur of the moment. I really havent found anyone as instinctive as me, I really havent. Am I making a mistake being so instinctive in all the big big decisions that I take. This stubbornness of mine has indeeed cost me lots of things. But I somehow seem to be more comfortable with this than without. I dont know.. so am at home, a nice broadband.. wasting time daily with nothing to look forward for. I dont know.. life seems so still nowadays.. I somehow seem to miss that spice.. jalak in life which I had in iiit atleast for my 1st 7 sems. Omg.  not an another retrospection… had enough of that already !!

 chalo before I dvelve into the realm of the 'Unfinished Blog of my 8th sem' .. let me say Adios.


Contingency Plans..

I dont know.. But somehow this word seems to ring in my head tons and tons. I've like used this word, everytime I've been ditched. Every single time. I hate things not going the way I want them to.. I dont know why .. I hate taking a NO for a answer. And so I've kinda decided that I'll have a Plan B always.. always. We'll see how that goes. That means I need to think properly, spend some quality time with friends and get out of my room as soon as possible. The more I am glued to this stupid comp (Sorry da, but I just cant help it.. I juss love u a lot, but I cant/dont want to spend the whole time in front of you.. Oh, I was talking to my comp 😀 ) .. Haaan so what was I rambling.. yeah something abt plans this that.. as usual !!

 Things I've finished doing … Got clothes, got my no-dues, started PJN project, will finish I-20s work tomm., what else is left? Haan I need to clean my room. Shudnt take much time. I guess I'll do that the day after.. Amnt sure.. we'll see. I guess I'll sleep early today.

Hey yeah forgot, went to ravishankar's house, had a really good meal and then am back to IIIT 😉 after a jounrey of 2 hrs each for n to. sare.. nenu sleeping.. tats 


Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.

They always say that shopping is far far better than a psychiatrist. True indeed. I am just back from a shopping spree, actually u cant call that a spree, more cause, I cudnt even buy half of all the things I wanted to. So, I just bought clothes. I still have to buy specs and theres lots of other stuff also to be handled.

I dont know why, but I am feeling a bit tensed and worked up. Dont seem to understand why. But, I am just thinking about so many things, that I sometimes do really really feel I need a punch-bug, someone with whom I can really really share all these things going through my head. I miss you ra. Yah I can always write them in my diary, but I somehow am too lazy to write anything there. I somehow seemed to rmr my precious little diary, the first words of which are the eternal 'I dont know what to write !!'. Only 3 people have so far written in that diary. One being me, who wrote almost all the crap except the very first lines in my book, (Ofcourse, it was 'I dont know what to write !!'), which are indeed words I'll never forget. The last being Aushutosh Rana. Now I can totally understand why you are so surprised. Does that name ring in ur head? Hes the same Raaz, Bangaram guy. He was here for shooting for a movie, me n cheddi thought that Reema Sen was here and so went there to have a glimpse of her, probably have a talk or two with her :D. To our disappointment all that we could find was him and I got his autograph in my diary. Oh, I just saw Bangaram today and so kinda got reminded of that.

And so whats left for me to write.. hmm. Days, Time are ticking and I dont seem to have much time left before I leave IIIT. If I have to do something, I have to do it now. But, I dont really see any point in all that. I really wish something could/would/will/shall happen. BUT, I dont seriously see anything in the near or the distant future. So, should I let go? Give up? I dont know.. Actually I dont really care. I am just going to live my life to the fullest and see to it that I have a fun filled second, minute, hour, day, year ahead.. Okay, time to hit the sack.. yeah its almost 6 in the morning !!

Random Recrudescent Ruminations

Well I know this is such a queer title. Something sparked it in me and I dont know why but, I can somehow see these last 4 years of my life in fast forward. Am I judging myself too much or is this the way it is supposed to be? Mixed reactions. So, I finished one chore for the day :D, I got an hair cut and somehow feel really good about it. Ofcourse it is a part of me moving on thing, I hadnt had a hair cut for a really long time, the last time being sometime in december. I've fixed my bday plans, hope things go as planned.

So, plans for tomm. Start off with the meeting with Anoop, get the no-due signed and then, library no-due also. Then, will go book the i-20 thing at HDFC, have a nice lunch, buy some clothes, specs, and then back to IIIT. So, thats the plan as of now. Let us see how that goes ..

I somehow seem to be holding back when I am writing this, but I really really would miss IIIT a lot. Somehow makes me feel that I shud probably not go, well as I has said earlier (to sanki n sundar I guess), there would have been only one thing that would have stopped me from going back, now I am too determined to even think about taking a step back. Ok, I guess enough self-dabba.

Random Recrudescent Ruminations !!

The Solomon Key.

Now, if you have recognised who this is … Ofcourse, it is Dan Brown 😀

So, after the stupendous success of Da Vinci Code, his next books' working title is 'The Solomon Key' and from what I've heard it deals with the Free Masons and their American connections. I've heard somewhere that it has details regarding the presidents who were members of this secret community, plots related to the same, with pictorial evidences also. Sounds like lotsa fun. Probably this is one book that is eagerly awaited other than the Harry Potter – VII novel. I am actually looking forward at both of them. I juss loved them both. Read them if you havent. Just check out wikipedia for more details about these. I've been doing lotsa wikipedia reading off late.

So, thats all for today. Whats happening with me ante. Just doing nothing.. taking a break. Yeah kinda. Booked an apartment in California, waiting for my i20s, for my hard-earned 25,000 bucks, for my bday and ofcourse bumps (scary thought), have to book for flight tickets, pack up everything at IIIT and then, just missing lotsa things. Want to go home and spend the whole summer there. Hope I can get an internet connection back home.

So, time to hit the sacks. If you have too much free time, do some reading about a society called "Skulls and Bones", it is a very controversial one and is most likely to be in the main plotline of 'Ths Solomon Key'

Long time..

Its been really long since I wrote a post on the blog. Dont know why, but I dont seem to have much interest in writing in the blog space, I dont know.. but probably I might write more once I am in US. I am kinda getting a wee bit worried abt my MS Plans.. hope everything goes on fine 🙂 … I miss all those long mails that I used to compose, I wrote a really long mail to sahana today and I kinda realised how much I loved writing long personal mails, we'll see. So, what else ante, I quit orkutting, just like that, probably trying to save some time, want to finish Pjn's project and leave to home, miss mom and dad. But dont know when I'll be able to go home.. probably will spend my bday here, getting bumps.. I am sure that I'm going to get thrashed big time 😀 finished 24 season 4.. thinking abt my housing plans in california, still havent gone to a consultancy, stupid me, its like 7:05 in the morning, I've not slept and there are lots n lots of things that are going thru my head right now.. Just dont know how it'll be when I leave iiit.. i watched pokiri twic.e.. its good.. rest for later.. will eat bf and sleep. tata.. love u..

GRE – Gradual Reduction of Enthu :D

I just thought I would write a blog on how tackle gre and the lots of things that come associated with that. 🙂

Warning : If you are someone who has limited patience, I would suggest that you seriously stop thinking about gre and spend that money giving me a treat !!

I strongly believe in the concept of ‘Divide & Conquer’, doing one thing at a time and not bothering much about the rest of the stuff that is supposed to be done.

1) GRE Preparation :

Ideally write it in your 2nd year holidays so that you’ll have time to write it again in case you screw it up. If you have been lazy like me, then the best time would be the 3rd year holidays sometime in mid-june, with a 2-3 month coaching at some institute prior to that. Education somehow seems to shunt ur imagination and creativity. So, I wouldnt suggest that you listen to every class over there. Have fun those 2-3 months of gre prep and also concentrate once in a while on gre. I did this at bang, needed some respite from the bugging heat and my friends, ok.. kidddingg. Maths and Analytical writing classes are pretty drab, really really boring. I bunked most of them, ofcourse depends on you. Dont miss the verbal classes, they are good especially when you want to have to rmr 3500 or so words.

Self-Preparation is the best prep. So, what I would suggest is start sometime in March, a couple of months before your actual gre prep and just go through words, just like that. Have fun writing mails with those really really tough words, completely confusing your friends with the inappropriate usage of words. You tend to rmr those words that you put into usage always. http://www.number2.com is a really really good site for starters. A 100 words a day in the vocab builder, slowly increasing it to 200-300 would be really helpful. There the toughness of the words that you get increases with every right answer you make.

I would suggest not going through any other book other than Barrons. Barrons is the bible of gre. Read barrons, anyway you want. I went wordlist wise starting off with the letters I liked, totally random. I would suggest that all of you finish A P S R T first. Those are the key word-lists with lots n lots of words in them. Also, pay attention to the secondary and the tertiary meanings of words. They are important. One good way of rmring the meaning would be to just read the example sentence also that Barrons’ has for each word.

Novels and Newspapers
Read lots and lots of them. Not that they are useful for gre, but they are always good. I ended up finishing 15 novels last summer. Your english doesnt improve in a couple of weeks reading some good novels. You should have been doing it since ages. Better late than never, start it now, gre or no gre.

Princeton Review Tests
Some people believe that writing lots of tests helps. I dont really think it helps… Write tests once every month starting of with one before the classes start. That should help you assess where you are. And dont really take the marks that you get in these exams seriously. They are the closest thing to gre but still they arent that close enough. I mean the way you write an exam in ur room is no way similar to what you do there. Some people do really do better when they are all tensed and worked up !!

2) GRE Examination

Feeling lazzyyy noww 😀 .. Will finish latteerr !!